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Here at Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio LLC, we want every patient who walks through our doors to receive their dream smile. Whether it's with our simple routine dental exams and x-rays, our cosmetic options like Invisalign and teeth whitening, or advanced services like dental implants or periodontal treatment, we want to ensure that you can start your journey towards a brand new and healthy smile here with us!

We're proud to serve patients from the surrounding towns and areas so we can achieve top oral and dental health care. If you live in these nearby areas, feel free to call our office for high quality cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, IL:

Hyde Park

Did you know that Kaufman & Kaufman Smile Design Studio, LLC was voted 2015's best dentist in Chicago, IL? Our commitment to each and every patient that walks through our doors goes above and beyond a simple appointment. That's why we're happily serving patients in the surrounding areas and become your Hyde Park IL dentists.

We have a number of reconstructive and beneficial procedures for patients of all ages. Invisalign has been an overwhelming success for several years, becoming a popular replacement for traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces. These aligners are custom-made for every patient in order to correct their teeth and straighten them into the right position.

You'll be given a set of aligners that slowly shift your teeth until they're straight and you're happy! To learn more about our Invisalign treatment, contact your dentist near Hyde Park IL by calling our office at (773) 643-6006 today!


Your smile deserves to be protected at all costs and your dentist near Cicero IL is here to ensure that every patient can benefit from our services. All year round, kids and teens participate in sports to increase their physical and mental health, but if they're not wearing all of the proper gear, they could be at risk for a number of problems, including dental.

One of the most commonly ignored sports gear is mouth guards. While athletes wear safety pads and other kinds of gear, they may not always wear their mouth guard, putting their teeth, gums, tongue, and general facial area at serious risk. Mouth guards don't only protect your teeth from cracks, breaks, chips, and tooth loss, but also your jawbone.

Mouth guards help absorb shock when the area comes in contact with a particularly rough impacted hit or tackle. They also have the ability to prevent a concussion.

Mouth guards can be purchased at your local sports store, but we recommend visiting our office and receiving a custom-made mouth guard. They'll fit comfortably in your mouth and on your teeth and provide top safety for your smile.

To learn more about our available mouth guards during the sports season, contact your dentist near Cicero IL by calling us today at 773-643-6006.

Oak Park

We understand that accidents can happen, which can result in serious dental issues including tooth loss from decay, trauma, and more. Suffering from missing teeth affects more than just your looks, which is why your dentist serving Oak Park IL has the ability to replace these areas with dental implants.

When you're missing one or multiple teeth, your appearance isn't the only thing that's lacking. Gaps in between your teeth leave your gums exposed makes them vulnerable when you eat, drink, and participate in any bad habits like tobacco use. They can become infected faster, leaving your gums to suffer from swelling, irritation and bleeding.

Also, when your teeth have gaps in between them, those surrounding the empty area attempt to shift together in order to fill the space. You'll want dental implants placed there because involuntary shifting can become painful over time. With missing teeth, you won't be able to eat all of the foods that you enjoy because it'll be hard to properly chew.

Don't be afraid to ask our office about dental implants and what our office can do to save your smile with this permanent solution. Call your dentist near Oak Park IL at 773-643-6006 and schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is the best for you.


Did you know that even though gum disease is one of the easiest preventable diseases around, it's also the most common? It's extremely easy for patients to suffer from cavities, decay, and tooth loss, especially if they're not properly taking care of their teeth on a daily basis. Thankfully, we here at Kaufman & Kaufman Smile Design Studio, LLC are dedicated to providing top oral and dental care for every patient who walks through our doors, no matter what.

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, can range from swollen gums and inflammation to a serious disease that destroys the soft tissue around your gums that support and keeps your teeth steady. If this isn't properly taken care of, you may lose one or multiple teeth.

The earliest stage of gum disease is gingivitis, when the bacteria from the plaque builds up on your teeth causes inflammation on your gums. During this time, your gums will become red, swollen, and could bleed when you brush and floss your teeth or even when you eat. By brushing and flossing daily while also keeping up with regular routine cleanings, we'll be able to bring your teeth back to normal health.

If you allow the gingivitis to continue, it'll advance to periodontitis. The gums will pull away from your teeth and lose support, making them loose and uncomfortable. The spaces that will appear when your gums pull away are called "pockets" which become infected, allowing the bacteria and infection to spread.

Your smile deserves all of the care in the world and your dentist serving Berwyn IL is here to help. Call our office today at 773-643-6006 to learn about our periodontal treatment and what we can do to protect your teeth.


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