Why You Want a High-Tech Dental Office

Why You Want a High-Tech Dental Office

Visiting a dentist who has a high-tech office offers you many benefits. It doesn’t matter if you just need an evaluation or are getting a complete restoration, all the technologies help you to remain comfortable. The technology also allows you to achieve better results than if your dentist uses outdated tools. Here are some of the technologies you need to look for.

Newer Dental Technologies

Digital radiography – Digital imaging exposes patients to less radiation when compared with a traditional x-ray. On top of that, the images allow the dental team to see a more detailed view of what’s happening. Because they are clearer, dentists are able to show the patient as well. It’s also better for the employees because they aren't exposed to toxic chemicals in order to develop film.

Panoramic x-rays – This is a great addition to the newer digital x-rays and offers dentists with even more understanding into a patient’s mouth. The machine rotates around the patient’s head while it snaps a 3D image of the mouth. This additional footage allows for more planning when it comes to treatment.

Paperless bills and records – It’s convenient for patients to receive their bills and receipts electronically. It keeps from misplacing them later when you need them. That’s why many dental offices are moving to billing electronically. It also benefits the environment. On top of that, many offices now keep dental records on the computer so there aren’t mounds of papers sitting around the office.

Bioceramic implants, sealants and prosthetic devices – Advances in prosthetic devices and implants have allowed dentists to move to bioceramic materials. These nontoxic ingredients are ideal for using with implants, veneers and crowns. They are also more aesthetically pleasing since there are no longer metals used in the teeth.

Go Visit the Dentist

Take advantage of all these technological advances by visiting your dentist. You’ll find that the visit is more pleasant with all these added features. On top of that, your appointment will be efficient and more productive. Anything that makes you smile more is a plus; wouldn’t you agree?


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