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Straightening your teeth under a doctor’s care has never been more affordable!

Starting at $99/mo.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Insurance accepted
  • Financing guaranteed
  • Doctor supervised

What conditions can OrthoFX clear aligners treat?


Gap Teeth




Open Bite

Meet OrthoFX Clear Aligners


Most patients finish in 6 months or less.


You’ll feel 40% less pressure on your teeth vs other brands. Like memory-foam comfort!

Advanced Tech

OrthoFX creates the most clear and advanced aligners on the market.

Start the OrthoFX Aligner Treatment


Your doctor is with you every step of the way, remotely or in-person.


Pricing that works for your budget starting at $85/mo. Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with insurance benefits or our financing options.


  • Dental exam 
  • Teeth scan 
  • 3D Smile Preview 
  • Aligner case
  • Whitening gels 
  • All treatment aligners 
  • Doctor appointments (In-person or remote) 
  • First set of retainers
  • OrthoFX support available 

Starting at $99/mo.

Ask Dr. Kaufman About Starting OrthoFX Treatment Today!

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